buy modafinil in australia We are seeking to back senior executives who have the vision to identify strategies for significant business transformations and the leadership to execute those strategies.  We invest opportunistically across industry, stage and geography.  We are willing to look at transactions where others currently are not, such as out of favor industries, industries with stigmas, and distressed and turnaround situations. We have invested in both public and private transactions, bought and developed assets and launched businesses.  Generally, we are looking to make investements where we can invest from $2 million to $300 million in equity or equity-like securities.

We evaluate investments on a probabilistic basis.  We identify scenarios, estimate payouts and probabilities, and calculate expected values.  We like highly positive expected value investments where the dominant risk we are taking is either idiosyncratic or at least uncorrelated with the rest of our portfolio, because a diversified portfolio of these investments compounds at attractive rates and generates uncorrelated returns.  Our funding sources consist of a network of sophisticated, like-minded, deep-pocketed family offices, high net worth individuals and institutional investors who are looking to invest in these types of transactions.