buy priligy in thailand Surgis Capital is an independent sponsor of private equity and special situations investments.  We founded the firm to pursue investments that have highly attractive risk reward profiles.  Often these types investments are outside the mandates of insitutional investors.  We have built a network of sophisiticated like-minded investors that share our love for these types of opportunities and are excited to invest along side us.

buy provigil dubai While we have a broad mandate and take a very opportunistic approach to investing, we have a clear view of what we are looking for.  As a result, we follow a transparent, disciplined, tiered approach to due diligence to efficiently determine where we want to commit time and resources.

We have a very value oriented approach to working with executives. We only work with executives for whom we have developed a high degree of respect, and we treat them accordingly. We make decisions efficiently and do not see the benefit of burdening our portfolio companies with unneeded bureaucracy.